We provide solutions for the pharma packaging supply chain, that are engineered with cutting edge knowledge.

We are a pharma packaging specialist, this means that knowledge is at the centre of our business. We have expert competence in all aspects of producing and delivering packaging solutions. This enables us to ensure high quality in everything we do, and always deliver what was promised.

Pharma is our passion, we have extensive knowledge of the industry and relevant insights regarding our customers’ context and the end-users. We love being
part of this exiting world, and continuously improve our solutions and processes to stay on top of it.

We always have the best of our customers and the end- users in mind and heart. Understanding each of our customers’ situations is core for us. That way we can innovate and move ahead together with them.

Our way of working is characterized by the fact that we seek knowledge, we are professional, we are passionate and we embrace. We believe that by continuing to work in this way, we have great possibility to reach our vision;
to safeguard human life through competence fuelled packaging.


Our vision is to safeguard human life, through competence fuelled packaging


We provide solutions for the pharma packaging supply chain
– engineered with cutting edge knowledge


Eson Pac AB is privately held by Nalka Invest AB as majority shareholder together with the founding family Eliasson.


Eson Pac’s board is comprised by shareholder and employee representatives as well as industry experts. The board is chaired by David Mörk.
Former chairman of the board, Ann Rydholm, is representing the founding family as a member of the board.


The Management team of Eson Pac is comprised by seasoned professionals with several years in the business and/or extensive experience from relevant industry sectors such as packaging, medical devices, fast moving consumer goods and finance.

  • Robert Sumberesi



  • Niklas Bengtsson

    Sales & Marketing Director

    Eson Pac AB Box 125 43209 Veddige Sweden

    +46-340 600 916
    +46-70 551 18 97


  • Wilhelm Aminoff



  • Patrik Hedlund

    Group Procurement Manager


  • Pierre Åkesson

    Operations Director



Eson Pac AB was founded in 1967 in Sweden. From being a carton producer to several customer segments, the company has through organic growth, acquisitions and a strategic focus reached a position as a European provider of solutions for the pharma supply chain.

Customers are found all over Europe and the production network consist of four factories dedicated to the production of products for the pharma segment.