We are Pharma Packaging Specialists

We have expert competence in all aspects of producing and delivering packaging solutions to the pharma supply chain.

Pharma is our passion; our ambition is to have extensive knowledge of the industry and relevant insights regarding our customers’ context and the end-users.
This enables us to ensure high quality in everything we do, and always deliver what was promised.

We love being part of this existing world, and continuously improve our solutions and processes to stay on top of it.

We always have the best of our customers and the end-users in mind and heart.

Understanding each of our customers’ situation is core for us. That way we can innovate and move ahead together with them.


The Pharma industry – a world in constant change

The population in the world is growing.
A higher share of older people and increased chronical diseases is creating a higher demand for healthcare and new innovative pharmaceutical products.
New regulatory demands and legislations are also adding challenges to the pharma supply chain.

The Falsified Medicine Directive has direct consequences for our customers.  Examples  like increased complexity and decreasing batch-sizes are driving innovation in both processes and products, now and in the future.

Our competence and experience in producing and delivering pharma supply chain solutions are available to our customers to support the needed innovation to develop the needed solutions for the future.

By investing in new technology and competence, we make sure we always are in the forefront. Our way of working is characterised by the fact that we seek knowledge, we are professional, we are passionate and we embrace. We believe that by continuing to work in this way we have great possibility to reach our vision; to safeguard human life through competence fuelled packaging.


Eson Pac invests to increase efficiency and capacity for cartons!


Over the past 18 months, Eson Pac has invested heavily in both label and leaflet production. This positive development continues with an additional investment in a new Rapida 106 X from Koenig & Bauer, for the carton production.


“By installing this 7-colour printing press in our plant in Veddige, Sweden, we increase our flexibility and printing capacity. Since a few years back, we already have several Koenig & Bauer presses up and running in Veddige. This new machine, which is replacing one in another brand, with the same platform and setup as the others creates great benefits and synergies. Rapida 106 X is state of the art and “fit for the future”, with extended technological solutions for highest productivity. This is ideal for us and our customers, and a natural step for Eson Pac when continuing our dedicated focus to provide solutions for the Pharma Industry. Additionally, by investing in new technology we reduce our CO2 footprint by lowering the energy consumption, which is very important from a Sustainability point of view”, says Pierre Åkesson, COO at Eson Pac.

“To be the owner of the best production equipment on the market for all our production segments enables us to further improve our service levels and secure a safe supply chain”, Pierre Åkesson ends.
(Link in picture to Koenig & Bauer webpage)

Summer vacation information!

Many businesses and people around the world are being affected by Covid-19. At present, we are grateful that Eson Pac is only mildly affected by this pandemic. This allows us to continue to serve our customers at a good level.

Summer is getting closer, and due to planned reduced capacity during the vacation period, we encourage you to plan for your need of products from Eson Pac as soon as possible.

Maintenance and cleaning will take place when our co-workers will have some well-deserved time off. Our production sites will be closed during week 29 and 30 and having reduced capacity two weeks before and after the closing period.

We will keep Support functions available during the summer period.

We wish you all to stay safe and healthy!

Statement on Corona Virus

Statement on Corona Virus, please qlick on below.

New owner for Märkas AB

In line with Eson Pac AB´s strategy to focus on Pharma, its subsidiary Märkas AB has been divested to the industrial group Volati, as of September 22nd.

Volati has acquired all shares in Märkas AB from Eson Pac. The acquisition is a supplementary acquisition to Volati’s business area Industry and the Ettiketto business unit.

In 2018 Märkas AB was launched as its own separate business unit. With the aim to run the business area for smart label solutions, as a subsidiary of Eson Pac. The divestment of Märkas AB is a natural step for Eson Pac to reach a dedicated focus to provide solutions for the Pharma Industry. In Pressrelease below you find more information!!